Thrush Treatment Online UK (Fluconazole)

thrush treatment onlineTo buy a thrush treatment online you don’t need a prescription in the UK, although thrush treatments are available on prescription. Thrush treatments come in various forms.

You can buy creams to ease the symptoms externally – these are widely available over the counter in most chemists.

However, another way to treat thrush is with a single dose of a medicine called Fluconazole.

You just take one 150mg dose of Fluconazole, and it should clear up an outbreak of vaginal thrush (or thrush on the penis) within a day sometimes, or a week at most, usually.

Where to buy thrush treatment online

Fluconazole is most commonly sold in the UK under the brand name Canesten (by German pharmaceutical company, Bayer), and sometimes under the brand name Diflucan (by American pharma giant, Pfizer).

Strangely, from what I can gather, it seems that Diflucan can only be obtained by prescription, but Canesten and generic Fluconazole don’t require prescriptions. I don’t know why this is so, but Diflucan is so expensive, that I don’t know why anyone would want that particular brand name of Fluconazole anyway.

However, you can also buy generic Fluconazole, and this is usually much cheaper. In fact, when you look at the price comparison table above, you see that the high street chemists are a bit of a rip-off. For example, one capsule of Fluconazole (Canesten) costs £10.99 at Boots (plus a delivery fee and there’s even a £1.95 fee if you want to order it online and pick it up one of their branches), but under £3 per capsule (generic) at other online pharmacies.

About Fluconazole thrush treatment online

I’m not a doctor, by the way, so this post is more geared towards those of you who know what you’re looking for and are just trying to find the best deal on buying it online.

However, Fluconazole is a common anti-fungal medicine, used to treat not only yeast infections like thrush, but also other fungal infections of the skin or mouth or gut. According to Online Clinic, “Using the active ingredient fluconazole, one single 150mg dosage works by breaking down the fungi’s cell membranes, weakening the infection and causing it to die, thus effectively killing the infection.”

So there you go.

Fluconazole can have some side effects, including sickness, headache, skin rash, dizziness – see a doctor if this is the case, of course. And don’t take if you have kidney, liver or heart rhythm problems, or are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast-feeding. Fluconazole can interact with some medications so check this before you take it. The pharmacy websites give more information, or see a doctor if you’re not sure about anything.

Note that for the pharmacies selling generic Fluconazole, single tablet packets aren’t available – but it can be useful to have extra tablets for future occasions, as thrush can be a recurring condition for quite a few folk.

Fluconazole – thrush treatment online price comparison

Fluconazole 150mg

Fluconazole is most commonly sold in the UK under the brand name Canesten by German pharmaceutical company, Bayer. Sometimes Fluconazole is marketed under the brand name Diflucan by the USA based pharmaceutical company, Pfizer.
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